The Bones for Life®  Program is a movement-based exercise program that addresses the growing incidence of osteoporosis. . The Bones for Life® Program explores gentle weight-bearing movements that  teach safe, optimal transmission of force from the ground up through the skeleton  without causing possible stress on the vulnerable joints. Learning to sense optimal skeletal organization to build stronger bones is first explored lying down with hands and feet against a wall before exploring the movements standing against and away from a wall. Should you already experience osteoporosis or want to prevent loss of bone density in the future, the Bones for Life® Program can help you strengthen and regenerate bone tissues as well as improving your posture.

The Bones for Life®  Program was created by Ruthy Alon, Senior Feldenkrais Trainer®

The Bones for Life® Program can be explored privately one on one or in group classes.




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Bones For Life®

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