Balance issues, resulting from non- integrated movement of the legs, pelvis and spine, can be improved by the Feldenkrais approach which re-educates the body to eliminate musculoskeletal imbalances that are causing limitation in movement. You will explore  Feldenkrais exercises that will help you become aware of using your whole body while moving in your daily life.

Effortless Posture, based on the Feldenkrais Method ® of somatic education, teaches you how to find the posture that’s “Right for you”. You will learn how to re-organize the musculature of your body through a more efficient use of your whole skeleton in action.You will receive Feldenkrais exercises that will help you become aware  of using your whole body while moving in your daily life.


Thank you Marika, I am really glad I took your Improve Your Balance class. I have had to be careful how I move so as not to lose my balance. Doing the movements you taught us has given me a feeling of stability and ease of movement. Now I get household chores done more quickly!

Virginia B, Georgetown, April 2016

I attended the Improve Your Balance class taught by Marika Hicks and feel like it benefited me several ways. She was very easy to follow and she explained what is going on in our body and brains as we move and how we are training both to operate together to keep us safe. I learned a lot about being more aware of my feet and whole body as I walk and get down and up from the floor. I am very glad I attended the class and highly recommend it to everyone.

Janet N., Georgetown, April 2016

Marika Hicks’ Improve Your Balance class is outstanding because the exercises are focused, exercise feedback is almost instant. Marika Hicks’ style combines demonstration with student observation and the step-by-step weekly class notes can make the difference when exercising at home.Gene&

Gene & Peggy R, Georgetown, April 2016

Lynn, taking  Improve Your Posture class said: First of all thank you for offering such a wonderful class. My body has benefited from your class. I will also sign up for your Balance and Sleep Better Class series

Lynn D. Georgetown, May 2016

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