GolferFull Body Golf Series is a four-week series of classes in movement education that has proven to help many people improve improve their golf swing. Full Body Golf  teaches you to become aware of four areas of motor development that result in a golf swing that is right for you.

These four areas are:

  • Head, Eyes and Shoulders to achieve a greater turning angle.
  • Feet, Ankles, Knees and Hips to create a more powerful golf shot.
  • Hands and Eyes to create easier rotation on your central axis.
  • The Whole Self to create an effortless, yet powerful golf shot.

First time students sometimes wonder how motor development training will lead to an improved golf swing. Unlike typical golf lessons, which teach a golf swing that is standardized for everybody, Full Body Golf  teaches movement that results in a golf swing that is right for you. Our training is based on the Feldenkrais Method® which trains your neuromuscular system in a personalized way that is right for you, not just a magic formula for everyone.

Here are some things you may want to know about the training:

  • 90% of the lesson will be explored lying on the floor to bypass the pull of gravity to better sense your own motor sensory feedback.
  • The purpose of having you move in non-habitual ways is to spread your habitual movement patterns to other areas that are not usually used.
  • By focusing your attention on the process of how movement travels in the body, you will learn a golf swing that is right for you.



What Others Are Saying

The four classes of the Full Body Golf series have helped me make a fuller shoulder turn and to be aware of the role other body parts play in my golf swing. In two weeks, my handicap dropped from 10 to 8.  Dick C., Sun City, Georgetown, TX, May 2013

I am much more aware of the importance of whole body movement after Full Body Golf classes. I now have a better follow through. I got the lowest score I ever had after a couple  of lessons.  Karen B., Sun City, Georgetown, TX, May 2013

Full Body Golf has helped me understand how my body must work together. The exercises have trained me to do this.  Ken L., Sun City, Georgetown, TX, May 2013

Full Body Golf has increased my flexibility in such a way that my golf swing is more powerful and fluid. Sandy P., Sun City, Georgetown, TX, June 2013

Each week, I felt more flexible after each class of Full Body Golf than at the beginning. I practiced on the practice course with less stiffness. Susan S.,Sun City, Georgetown, TX, June 2013