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Feldenkrais Method

The day I woke up in such pain that I could hardly walk, I wrote to Marika before I made an appointment with my doctor. I had taken short Feldenkrais classes that she offered at church, and I always felt better afterwards.

The doctor’s opinion was that my left hip joint was damaged enough for a hip replacement, after my decades of scoliosis, running, ballet, and other tortures. After 8 weeks of private lessons with Marika, that surgery is no longer in my immediate future. I move easier and usually pain free. When my leg does catch on the damaged part of the joint, I have a repertoire of exercises to set it free. And I am never in too much pain to do the exercises: The blessing of Feldenkrais is that the tiniest of movements is sufficient for change.

Maybe surgery will be in my future, but later is always better than sooner, and with Marika’s example of avoiding surgeries prescribed for her, I am hopeful that I can do the same.

I recommend Feldenkrais for anyone in pain and anyone who wants to use their body better—musicians, dancers, athletes, martial artists, and others. You don’t have to wait for an injury to learn how to move efficiently!

Madeleine, June 2016

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